Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nationals Baseball Game!!

Elder's Peterson, Farley & Johnson - Nationals vs. St. Louis
Hello Momma,
So today is another day of emailing from the Library of Congress.  We came over here right after the Nationals Baseball game!  But we lost... :( boo.  Even Bryce Harper didn't perform well.  But it was super hot and my arms are lobster red!  We were in the nose bleed seats but it was nice.  And today is an all day Pday too!  So it will be nice and relaxing.  But last week on Thursday I got really sick and had a sore throat that was even worse than the one I had in the MTC!  My tonsils were GIANT! Bigger than I have ever seen them before.  So I was pretty much bed ridden for two days because I had a fever and was aching all over.  I am still a little sick with a cold or something now but the sore throat has finally passed :)  I am sorry that everyone has been so sick at home.  I hope the weather gets better and all of you feel better as well. 
As for the work here it has been surprisingly good for how sick I have been!  We have continued to teach our investigator Amanda and she is still on date to be Baptized on the 11th of May!! She is amazing!  We have taught her about 5 times already and she went to church last week.  She has a little 5 month old boy named Sebastian, named after her husband, so we call him Jr!  We are trying to get her husband to church too so hopefully that goes well.  We are still working with Faith and we are seriously like her sons.  She was devastated when she heard that Elder Anderson would be transferred so soon!  So we don't really know what to do with her except  love her.  She is really sweet.  So we are doing well here in the Derwood South area and have no idea what is going to happen as far as transfers go so I guess we will just have to wait a week.  Oh and I haven't gotten really any mail/packages so I will keep an eye out for those things you sent.  Also, I am almost at like 400 pictures so I will send that SD card to you this week.
I am so excited for Daniel and Mitchell!  Give Mitchell a GIANT hug this weekend at his farewell for me and tell him I wish him the best of luck!  I know those two are going to be amazing missionaries for the Lord. 
Side note... Have you heard of Celtic Thunder? Faith says I look exactly like one of the guys in it!  I want to know if I have a doppelganger!
As for my bike issues... we went to Dicks Sporting Goods last week and brought an extra rim that the APs gave us but found out that it was a size 27 when I needed a 26!  So stupid!  So I just put my old one back on.  It will be fine-its not even that bad!  But we found a Costco with an outside food court that isn't too far from our area so last P-day I got Pizza and a berry smoothie!  I was so stoked! 
So... let me think of what we did this past week.  I went on exchanges with my district leader and we actually had a lot of success setting up appointments and we even snuck into Leisure World and found this less active lady who is SUPER awesome.  She moved there last November and has no transportation so she just never made it to church but we set her up with some members to get a ride and she is committing to go every week now!  She also was baptized by a Farley 12ish years ago in Virginia I think!  He was an older Elder Farley though.... like a Senior missionary couple I guess. Pretty cool though. Besides that I don't have too many stories this week since I was on my death bed!  Oh but I did take a sequence of pictures over three days on what my tonsils look like so you can see how giant they were!  I am ripping those things out when I get home. 
Ha-ha I am so mad because I swear I had another couple things to tell you but I can't think of them.  But I am really excited to call you on Mother's Day!  That is going to be great!  :) 
I hope everyone is doing great and hope everyone is healthy and safe!  If anyone has crazy news send it my way! 
Love you!
Love your favorite missionary,
Elder Farley
I will send some pictures this week to make up for the last weeks I have been slacking :/

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