Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1st Real Transfer!!

Hello Mom,
So was my first real transfer I guess ha-ha.  It was nerve racking waiting to see who my companion was!  Guess what... I am in the singles ward!! Haha!! So crazy.  So we are over the singles ward for University of Maryland .  I am super excited but Elder Anderson kept joking and saying that I will be picking out a wife before I even hit 6 months.  That guy is crazy.  So Elder A and I said our goodbyes and now I am with Elder Kuddes (I hope I spelled that right!)  I need to learn to say his name right too haha... I am just used to saying "HI I am Elder Farley and this is Elder Anderson!" 
Elder Farley and his "Dad" Elder Anderson in their Cinco de Mayo Twinin Ties!!
I live right by University of Maryland,  I think it is called College Park, MD. Not too many dinner appointments with college kids but we get to eat with them sometimes i guess for Institutes 
He is from Utah somewhere and he is a nice guy.  Quite a bit different from Elder Anderson but I guess that is the way missions are.  New companions and totally different people than the last ones. So I am excited and know this transfer is going to be great.  Elder Kuddes has two transfer left including this one then he is "dead"/going home.  I took some pictures of our appartment so I will send those soon enough.  Our new place to email is a local library and it is time limited to 30 minutes so it is rough to get all my emails read and typed up.  Oh well... I will talk to you all in a couple weeks for Mother's Day.  But I love the new appartment.  It is a two man and it has a pull up bar (no bench :(  )  and no more bunk beds, Yay!  The area we cover is HUGE!! Like most of Maryland!  That is going to be interesting and a lot different than being on bike... I bet start running in the morning to stay fit ha-ha. 
I am happy everyone is getting over their illnesses.  And I got that 100 days package ha-ha!  Those cookies were AMAZING!!!!! You and Elder Anderson, counting down the days ;) haha.  But I loved the package and everything in it :) Thank you! 
I am glad you were able to go see Mitchell's farewell I probably won't have time to write him today so tell him I say hi and I love him!  And tell everyone else the same!  I hope all is well at home and that everyone is happy, safe and healthy! 
Next week I should have a better update!  Talk to you soon! Love you and miss you!
ps: I am in a car!  I just got extended time on the computer so Yay!  But just a few minutes.  Also I met the Senior couple missionaries here and I think they know the Slade family in Farmington!  Pretty cool! They are Elder and Sister Knight. WIsh me luck with the new comp... he is super nice and looks like a hard worker!  I am excited :)  LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!

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