Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Glenn Dale Singles Ward

Hello there my Momma,

Well it has been one full week here in the Glenn Dale Singles ward and it has been amazing!  It is so weird to be working with people around my age though, I feel like they don't want to listen to me sometimes but then yesterday a girl we were teaching thought I was the oldest missionary out of the other 3 who were with me.  She thought I was like 25 :) So that gave me a confidence boost.  Ha-ha!  The campus is super cool too!  We go there almost every day because we teach a lot at the institute building that is on campus and we go to a lot of the YSA activities when we get investigators there. 

Church on Sunday was different because we just got a group of guys selling Pest Control for the summer that are from Utah.  So there are a ton of RMs here that would not usually be here.  And since it was fast Sunday I got up and bore my testimony too. (Something all missionaries do in a new area.)  It was nice to meet so many great 'young' people here in Maryland.  Even though most of them are like 30.  As for the car thing... eh.  It is really nice since I won't die of heat stroke this summer but I wish I was still on the bike sometimes.  But I did miss driving :)  And as for CDs we only can listen to church hymns in the car -_- ha-ha so we listen to those on repeat all day.  But I want to send my iPod home so that I can get more music on it.  That would be nice. 

It is great to hear about everything going on at home!  I am glad everyone is healthy too.  It is nice to see Brian with the Elders.  Once summer hits and school is over he needs to go tract with them :) get a little experience in. Also,  Brian's hair is super money!  I love it.  I can't wait for the Thor hair ha-ha!

So just a little bit about what is going on here:  I came into the area and we had one investigator on date for baptism.  Since then we have been tracting A TON and giving the sisters in our area a bunch of referrals since we don't tract into a lot of singles.  We have seen so many blessings and miracles since we have been giving referrals though!  We now have 3 on date and maybe 3 more if everything works out with our new investigators.  It has been a blast!  Elder Kuddes is a great guy!  A big change in companionships compared to Anderson, but I already love the guy.  We both are pushing each other to be exactly obedient and to work as diligently as we possibly can!  He only has two more transfers including this one though.  So I might be his last companion if we stay for two transfers!  Oh, and the wards goal and mission goal for baptisms in our area for the year is 4.  If we get 6 in a couple months it will be an amazing miracle!  But the Lord seems to continue to bless us.  :)  I am so excited.

Little side story:  We went to a appointment yesterday so that we could meet a couple of investigators our Zone Leaders were passing to us (also our two new B-dates) and after we got onto the wrong road and got lost FOREVER!!  Elder Kuddes was confident he was going the right way but we almost left our area boundary!  Which for us in the YSA area is the mission boundary!  Luckily, we found our way back thanks to my amazing map skills! (I'm kidding... it was mostly my luck!)  Anyway, we got back and were able to tract into a new investigator that we passed to the sisters, so it all ended well.  We now know not to take the "cursed' road that has no exits! :)  So all-in-all its been the best week ever! 

Oh, and as for pictures I am not taking as many as I was last transfer but I will get on top of it and will try to send the SD cards home often.  (Sorry I forgot to bring my camera to the library today. :/ )

I love you all and am thankful for all you do for me!  I can't wait for this weekend! 

Love your son,


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