Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Point Lookout

Point Lookout
Hey Mom, Family and Friends,

This week has been amazing!  First off, I got to talk to my amazing family and even a little surprise appearance of Daniel Lacey!  So that was super awesome!  I really was happy to hear everyone's voice.  And it was great that Caiside talked to me too!  :) As for here in Maryland: We have continued to teach our three investigators who are on date and also picked up a new investigator who is amazing!  Hopefully by the end of this week we will have a couple more investigators on date for baptism and maybe a few new investigators.  I have been loving this area!  Missionary work is the best.  I really am enjoying the work and am learning, like Dad has always said, to "make work fun!"  And it really is and can be when you know why you are doing it and when you see the outcome.  :)  The Elders and Sisters in my District are awesome too!

Today for P-day we went down to the bottom of the state at a place called Point Lookout for sunrise pictures.  We got up a little before 3 am and drove down with the other two Elders in our District, Elder Stoor and Elder Loveless.  They are both amazing missionaries!  We drove down hoping for clear skies but unfortunately it was mostly cloudy.  But we were able to take some pretty cool pictures anyways and we had a lot of fun being by the ocean and seeing the country of Maryland.  We then went and visited some other Elders on the way home and I got to see my old MTC buddy Elder Owens!  He is doing great.  We had Costco pizza for lunch and I couldn't resist their famous berry smoothies so I had one of those as well.  So it has been a LONG but very fun p-day! And for the first time this transfer we are emailing at the institute building that is on the Univ. of Maryland's campus.  Fun stuff.
Chillin' with Kermit!!

It's good to hear about everyone back home and how great everything is going!  I am so excited for Danny boy and his mission.  Hopefully he gets all his jone packed up so he can get on the plane!  Ha-ha.  I am so happy to see all of my friends joining the ranks and accepting their call from the Lord!  The church is true!  And my testimony grows as I see all these amazing men and women go out to help bring the rest of the world to gain a testimony of the truth for themselves.
Sounds like Brian and the F-town crew will be going to BYU Football camp!  Does Brian have to cut his hair... I hope not.  Just do what Dad's friend at BYU did:  Slick your hair back into a neck brace... or in your case your cowboy collar!  Ha-ha.  But that is super awesome!  That place really does help get you prepared for the season especially since it is full pads.  Dang... I wish I could still be playing football with all those guys.  I am like 170 right now!  Staying skinny... or at least trying haha!  That way I won'
t be all fat in two years!
Well that is really all that has happened!  I will keep working hard and doing the work out here in good ol' Maryland!  I am so thankful for all of you and am thankful to Heavenly Father for putting you each in my life!  Love you! 

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