Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lexington Park Ward

Hello Momma!

Sounds like everything is going good in F-town :)  Good to hear that the Scorpions did some damage to Los Alamos.  I can't wait to hear about next weeks game.  All I'm saying is that Brian better get more recognition on NMPreps.  

So you all are having some good ol' New Mexican rain storms, huh?  I miss those.  Down here is was starting to cool off but it is pretty warm today.  By the time Friday rolls around it should be pretty cool.  Perfect weather for the Nats game.  I am really excited for the change of seasons here.  With all the trees and leaves it should be very colorful. Southern Maryland is SUPER green.  But already we are seeing some color change in the leaves.  Everyone says the trees look amazing during fall.    

Lexington Park ward is really awesome. The work here right now is pretty slow.  Not really any investigators with tons of potential except for one family who might be interested. I really loved being in a singles ward on my mission... I wouldn't trade it for anything.  But I miss the family wards a lot!  I love little kids.  They are my favorite.  They come screaming and yelling whenever they see us.  "ITS THE MISSIONARIES!!" I love it.  Oh, which reminds me:  Can you look online for fun spiritual thoughts/mini lessons I can use for dinner appointments when we go see families with little kids.  They are so easily distracted...  I need to just go sit in primary and learn how to teach in there. Ha ha.  

So this week we have been doing tons of organizing with the area and going around trying to meet with less-actives.  We have a lot in this ward.  Right not we have one family, the Boothe's who seem to be showing some interest in the church who we are meeting with tomorrow.  Hopefully they will commit to church this week.  It would be so great to see them progressing.  The other ward that shares our building, Patuxent, is super good at missionary work and possibly have a solid potential investigator for us this Sunday.  Keep praying for us to find the ELECT!  I know Heavenly Father sent me down to this area for a reason and I cannot wait to find those brothers and sisters who have been waiting to hear this great message. All I know is that God has called me in this area for a reason.   And I plan on accomplishing whatever He wants me to do.

Now that I have had a full week with roommates as a missionary I can say that roommates are the best!!  It is so much fun to be home at night and to have us all talking to each other.  Now I know why everyone hated going back to two mans.  :D   

Something that I learned this week that I want all future missionaries to know is that is someone is a "Do-Not-Contact"... there is probably a reason.  People down here can get TICKED when you stop by ha ha.  It is such a different environment down here in southern Maryland. 

Anyway, nothing to crazy happening here.  I love doing missionary work and serving the Lord.  I know this is the place I am suppose to be and I know that this is truly the Lord's work.  Keep on looking for opportunities to share the gospel with everyone! I know God will bless you all and you will be able to feel more peace and happiness in your life than ever before.  I love you all!  


Elder Farley

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