Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sent to the Country!!

E. Farley, Papa AJ and "New Brother" E. Cannon
Howdy folks!
I say howdy because I just got sent to the country of Maryland!  I am waaaaay down here by point look-out in Lexington Park!  Everyone is the mission calls it "outer darkness"  because it is so far away from the rest of our mission areas.  My companion is Elder Jensen and he is from West Jordan, Utah!  He seems like an awesome kid.  I am really excited for this transfer, I'm a Senior! I will miss Elder Broadhead though.  He was such a funny/fun guy to be around and he taught me a lot!  Oh!  And our ward mission leader is awesome!  His name is Brother Weitzner!  He drops banks on the missionaries and is the sweetest guy EVER.  So that is exciting... but I will really miss Jason, Gerald and Kira from Glenn Dale.  They were the TRUTH!  :)
Elder Jensen
So I don't have too much news... We get to go to another Nationals game this year.  The 13th of September when they play Philadelphia.  It is for the day of service and President Cooke got all the missionaries tickets.  What a boss. 
I have a good story though.  So this last Saturday we went to Greenbelt Park for a Labor Day festival where a bunch of booths were along with a carnival.  It was super cool!   We were there setting up at 9:30 all the way until we packed up at 4:00.  We were sharing pamphlets, pass-along cards, and Book of Mormons to everyone!  We even got permission from the police and the information desk to do a GIANT plan of salvation drawing on the blacktop/parking lot.  It was seriously the most glorious depiction of the Plan of Salvation ever.  But when we got to the "death" part of the Plan there was some lady that lost her mind and told on us and was saying we were preaching about death and jone... I was.... ANGRY(the way Chris Farley would say it).  So the Lady who was "in charge" came over yelling at us telling us to get rid of it.  Ummm.... what do you want me to do lady?  There is no water anywhere nearby. (we drew it in chalk btw)  So she directed us to some water we could get into buckets and go clean it up.  We kept our cool and did as she said so that we could represent the Church nicely.  Seriously though, people are ridiculous and do NOT no how to deal with situations. 
But on the bright side we had a new investigator in Glenn Dale on date for baptism next month!  Her name is Gabby and she is SOOO amazing!  She literally has the best questions and is so interested in learning about the gospel and making the right decision to follow Jesus Christ and do what God wants her to do.  I know she is a very strong spirit.  Satan has been trying really hard to keep her from getting an answer and so we gave her a blessing of comfort.  That blessing was seriously the most powerful blessing I have ever been a part of!  It was amazing!  The Spirit was so strong!  My testimony of the Priesthood became even stronger and I know even more now, that Heavenly Father really loves us and cares about us!  He wants us to be happy and to know the truth.  When we work hard and follow His commandments we are able to be blessed more than we can imagine.  I know that God and Jesus Christ love us more than we can comprehend.  I know they are watching over us and helping us grow and progress in this life.
I love you all so much and am so happy to be a part of your lives.  Keep on staying strong and remember to be continually FEASTING upon the word of God.  It is really what keeps us strong throughout the day and what helps us stay close to Father in Heaven. 
Elder Farley

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