Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Trainer & the DL in Lexington Park!

Elder Farley with Elder Gomez
Hey Family and friends!

Well, this week was another transfers meeting and today I got to meet my new companion!  Elder Gomez! He is from Tyler, Texas and he is a country boy!  He is great.  And he is actually a visa waiter, who will be going to Belem, Brazil.  I am really excited to train.  I am nervous, but I know Heavenly Father will help me out.  On top of all that I am now the new District Leader for the Lexington Park District. Freak!!!  SO pray for me.... but mostly my district.  I hope I can be a good leader for them.  I will do my best to follow Christ's example. 
Family Photo- Papa Anderson, Son Farley and Grandson Gomez

As for the work in the area, we actually had a break-through with our investigator. She is married to a recent convert of about a year and she is from Peru.  She kept saying she would maybe get baptized once I got married... ONCE I GET MARRIED??? So that was quite the barrier for us helping her towards baptism. But out of nowhere she messaged me on Facebook and said she is ready and wants to be baptized soon! Like in a month!  So I am super excited to hear that :)  We are going to see her tonight, and what is very helpful is that Elder Gomez speaks Spanish!  SUCCESS!! 

Well, I will keep you all updated on how everything goes!  I am so excited for the area. I really love it down here.  Our bishop is back this week from his 6 month deployment and tonight we are eating steak at brother Weitzner's. Oh! our new roommate with Elder Fuller is now Elder Lanham! Wohoo! :)

I love the gospel, and I love missionary work!  It is the BEST thing I could ever do and I plan on doing it for the rest of my life :)

Love you all!
Let the Lessons Begin!!


Elder Farley

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