Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Building a Mini City of Enoch

Hey there Momma!

Looks like a lot is going on back at home!  Conference this week, Dad is Ward Mission Leader now, we beat Valencia and have St. Pius this week... Things sounds great!  I am really excited for you all to go to conference this weekend!  I cannot wait!  My second conference on the mission and its only been a year since President Monson announced the missionary age change!  That is so crazy.  I am so grateful for the experience I have had with Conference on the mission.  It is so awesome to be 100x more focused when watching it ha ha!  I am especially excited for Holland to throw down like usual :)

It sounds like the Halloween decorations this year will not be limited in any way.  I love seeing all the Fall/Halloween decorations up!  It reminds me of all the fun parties we had back in Farmington at our home.  Good times... plus Brian is going to be THOR!... I am stoked to see those pictures.  Oh and I cannot wait for G-ma famous cookies :) 

Well WAAAAY down south there is a couple Elders named Elder Jensen and Elder Farley and they are building a mini-city of Enoch!  And they don't care how long it takes!  Last Friday we had interviews with President and he told us that he wants missionaries to be in areas for a lot longer than they have been in the past so that the trust in the ward can increase a lot more.  I am excited.  A lot of progress is being made here.  It may be slow... progressing from a walk to a jog.  But soon we will be sprinting like Usain Bolt up in here!! I love this area/ward!  This past week we got three new investigators!  Two are a father and son who are having a pretty rough time but they are turning to the Lord instead of the world which is a GREAT first step.  Also a recent convert's wife is starting to show interest and we are teaching her tonight about what a blessing is and how it works then we are going to give her a priesthood blessing of comfort since they are also going through a tough time.  I am so STOKED for the work that is going on down here in Southern Maryland.  Also, our WML(Ward Mission Leader) is the man!  He is helping us so much.  We are doing a lot of member work, trying to help them get pumped about the work and become missionaries in their everyday lives.  So things are going great!

I KNOW this gospel is true!  I love serving as a missionary and recognize the blessing it is to serve at this time where the work is moving so quickly.  I KNOW this Church is the true restored church of Jesus Christ and I know that He runs it through the Prophet Thomas S. Monson.  I love the Gospel.  I love my Father in Heaven and the blessings that He has given me.  I love you all and am so thankful for all that you do for me.  Never get discouraged.  Never lose hope.  Keep strong and put your Faith in the Lord and His might work :)  

Elder Farley :)

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