Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall in Southern Maryland!

Baptism in the Calvert Ward
Hello Momma!

This past week has been very eventful and very fun!  This past Saturday I was able to baptize a lady from the Calvert Ward.  She and her friend got baptized on the same day at the Calvert chapel.  It was a really awesome experience. We also have been teaching our investigator from Peru a ton as she is getting ready for her baptism.  She had he baptismal interview last night by Elder Loveless and she is still doing great and is going to be baptized November 2nd at 10:00 am.  Another miracle has been the P. family.  We watched the Joseph Smith restoration video with them and extended a baptismal date for the 16th of November and they accepted!  Also, Chris P. told us that he has felt like Joseph Smith before, wondering which of all the churches here on earth is the true church!  

Elder Gomez and I have been seeing a ton of miracles.  It just goes to show that working hard with obedience and faith really is the best way to do this work.  Work can be fun!  Dad was right :)  I am loving it here.  I hope I get to stay in this ward past Christmas.  Now that our Bishop is back the ward is really starting to come together.  Work is getting done.  

I am loving the fall season.  So far we have already carved pumpkins, scraped ice off our windows, and are listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album.  And its funny because I remember last year at this time my roommate Jacob Parker was starting to listen to Christmas music and I was ticked! Ha ha I did not want to listen to Christmas music until December because I knew it would ruin it for me if we started listening to it early.  But now I love it!! Sorry Jacob!!  Ha ha.  Anyway, the leaves are changing and we are having a wonderful time down here in Southern Maryland, serving in the best mission in the Universe! 
Southern Maryland in Fall

Keep on sharing the gospel and looking for missionary opportunities!  You all are the best!!!!!  

Love your son,

Elder Farley

ps:  We went out to a ranch for P-day.  Fed some horses too :)  This big guys name is Buddy!

Buddy & Elder Farley

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