Tuesday, November 5, 2013

All is Well in this Small Part of Zion We Call Lexington Park

Hello Mom!!

Wow!  This past week was so great!  We have been having such an amazing time here in Lexington Park.  The trees are full of color.  The leaves are falling.  It is getting very chilly.  Our investigator got Baptized!  It was so awesome.  She was just beaming the whole time, especially after the ordinance.  Bishop asked her how she felt and all she could say was, "I am just so very happy right now."  And yesterday during church I had the amazing privilege of confirming her.  And then her husband got up and bore his testimony in front of everyone and it was LEGIT!!  I love that family a ton!  And they are always so happy to see us whenever we stop by.  As for special things we do at baptisms... I can't really thing of any.  Snacks at the end?!  :) That's always good! Ha ha

Okay.  Now its time to talk about football.  I AM SO STOKED!  Brian is killing it!  Same with the others in the ward.  All you Farmington 5th ward guys congrats!  Elder Farley loves you!  Ha ha keep on working hard and don't lose "THE STOKE".  Keep on fighting to the end, because you have to get the District and STATE title!  It is so sweet that we are ranked #2.  Mind blown.  I am very proud of those guys. Especially my little brother.  Good thing I am taller or I would have to call him a BIG brother ha ha.  and... Destroy PV.  Enough Said.

The ward here seems to be slowly picking up on the missionary effort, but they ARE!  Which is the important part.  We are starting to do role-plays with them, showing them how easy it is to share the gospel. And when you role-play you are able to get the awkwardness out a little bit and feel more confident in inviting you friends, families and strangers.  And I know it works because missionaries do role-plays all. the. time.  ha ha.  Elder Gomez and I are having a great time though.  We are getting along and working hard to improve the area and stay accountable as the Lord's servant.  He is just a little green still, so he doesn't understand and like all the rules. ;)  But he will get over it ha ha.  Oh!  And the P. family are on date for the 16th of November still so pray for them and us so that we can teach them according to their needs!  We are hoping for a lot of success in the near future here!  So all is well in this small part of Zion we call Lexington Park.  Keep up the GREAT work in Farmington and everywhere else!  I love you all so much and am so happy to be part of this Gospel.  It is SO true and everyone needs it in their life.  Even if they don't know it yet. :) 

Love your Elder, 


Hey Dad!

Thanks for the letter with all the good news!  I am still so stoked that we beat Aztec.  And it sounds like we had a good win against Kirtland. How was Kirtland this year anyway?  I am pretty excited for Facebook on Saturday to hear how the Scorps do!  We must beat PV!  I will be wearing the shirt mom sent me for the white out to bed Friday night!  And Brian is tearing it up!!  14 TDs already!  Wow.  He is a stud.  I really think Brian has the natural talent, desire, and ability to go further with a football career.  He is a stud!  And tell Kyle Reynolds to put Clafton on his butt for me :D  It looks like PV needs their annual reminder of who runs F-Town!  Go Scorps!
Go Scorps!! 

The missionary work is going well. The baptism went really well and it was a real blessing to be able to confirm her. I have never done that before, and honestly I felt pretty calm when giving the blessing... not to nervous at all.  We are still teaching Chris and Daniel P.  They are on date for the 16th of this month so we are hoping they can BOTH be ready for that date.  We are also teaching a 86 year old man who goes by Rocky.  His wife is very active but he is atheist.  However, he has a three book series called "the gun of Joseph Smith" and he can defend the Book of Mormon better than most people I know with pure evidence and proof!  Not even with a testimony from the Spirit.  But I believe that the Spirit has touched him in many ways.  He just hasn't fully recognized it yet.  So pray for the P. family and Rocky C. 

I am very happy to hear that all is going well with the missionary work in the ward!  Keep being the good example you are for them.  I know that You, Mom, and Brian are such great examples for our ward.  Just keep up what you are doing and don't forget to do the little things.  Because when we get away from daily scripture study, family and personal prayer, and other things like that- we tend to not have the Spirit with us as strong as we used to.  But I know you are all doing so great :)

The weather here is getting chilly fast!! But we are enjoying the opportunity to be wearing sweaters a lot!  I love the leaf colors out here!  SO many trees and really amazing colors.

Thanks again for emailing me Dad!  I am so thankful for your strong testimony that keeps me going strong and helps me never lose hope.  I love you and our family so much.  Let them all know that I do.  Keep doing the Lord's work and I will too!  :)    I love you Dad.

Love your boy,

Elder Farley

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