Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lexington Park for ALL of the Holidays!

Hey Momma,

Wow!  So this week kind of snuck up on me.  It is already transfers this week!  For the first time in about a year they did call-in nights on Sunday night to tell us if we are leaving or staying... but not only that... They told us who is going where and who our new companions are!  Pretty cool.  So it looks like no more transfer meetings.  But we will go up on Wednesday to trade out our car for a new Chevy Cruze :)  Yay!  Also, the iPads should come in around the 9th and then we will get them on the 10th I think. iPad mini's with 32 Gigs! That is what I heard anyway.  And I guess because of the expenses we will not get iPhones until next year.  But I am not complaining!!  So.... next transfer I will continue to train Elder Gomez but we will be splitting our ward.  Also, our roommates who are in Patuxent's ward will also be splitting so they are moving to a new apartment and we will be staying in the old one.  Kinda bummed about staying in the old one... it's been here since the dinosaurs.  But we are happy to have more elders down here!  I guess they need more elders to help out with the work.  Now the Members just have to get on board to support the change.  But they are great people and I know they will.  So our District also changed too.  It will only be Lexington Park elders and Patuxent elders. 8 Elders still in the District but we will no longer have the Calvert Elders there.  

It is so cool to hear that the Scorps are going to the Semi-Finals!  They have to go ALL-THE-WAY!!  I am very proud of Brian and excited for him and the team.  Such and amazing year!  Just stay motivated and STOKED everybody.  I know if they stick to it and give it their all they will never, ever regret this year!  Lets kick some Belen butt!! 

Everything here in Lexington Park is going great!  I am very excited to know I will be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years down here!!  And I get to stay with my "boy" so I am happy.  We are going to the turkey bowl this Thursday morning... I will be wearing my Scorp gear to support my boys back home!  And we also went to the Mall to do a missionary turkey bowl for P-day today.  It was a blast! The team that I was on beat everyone!!  Our team was stacked.  But missionary work wise everything is very good.  We have been teaching a members friend named Robert.  He is awesome!  Really quiet and shy but such a spiritual giant.  He is on date to be baptized the 7th of December.  :)  Now we just have to find more people to teach so the ward can grow and everyone can have plenty of friends :)  I am so excited. Bishop has set a goal for 20 baptisms for this upcoming year of 2014.  I know this ward can do it.  They have so much potential... not its just time to utilize their abilities and come together as a team!

Well I just want to tell you all that I love you so much.  It was really great to see some of the football games and pictures and videos of the family back at home.  I am so happy everyone is doing well.  Tell everyone I love them and miss them.  Oh and tell Jonny I am going to come home yolked!  So he better get jacked :) ha-ha   Keep up the great work everyone... and remember to always put God first.  I know that the world gets in the way a LOT, but if we just take a step back and remember what matters most in this life we can CTR and find lasting peace and joy while we are here on earth!  

Love your boy,

Sean or Elder Farley :)

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