Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving in Maryland

Elder Farley and Elder Gomez - Turkey Bowl 2013

I cannot believe it!  Scorpions going to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!  My mind is blown!  I am so excited for Brian and the team!  Its a good thing I wasn't in that game because I would have chop blocked the crap out of the guy that hurt Bri.  He would have been DONE!  But Brian is a stud and I know he will do okay no matter what.  I will keep praying for him and the team so hat they can play their best this upcoming week!  Lets win it SCORPS!  

Anyway,  this week has been super great!  Four missionaries down here in Lexington Park and we all had Thanksgiving at Brother Weitzner's home.  It was super good!  Of course it wasn't like Thanksgiving with the family but Bro. W made an amazing feast!  So I was well fed and had an amazing time!  As for the work, it has been pretty tough in the district since Lexington Park and Patuxent both split and now have 4 missionaries each.   So we are busy organizing and meeting members and trying to get the new maps up.  But everything should get finished this week and the work here should explode!  Our ward is starting to get really stoked and are making amazing ward mission plans and goals for 2014!  I want to stay here forever!  I love this ward.  And I love the people in this area!  Robert is good to go for baptism after his interview yesterday and will be getting baptized this Saturday at 10:00am!  I am so excited for him.  He is making such an amazing change in his life.  I love the Gospel so much!  I love seeing how people can change and their lives can become so much better because of how much closer they grow towards Christ.  I know that this Gospel is the ONLY way we can find true, lasting happiness.  The world provides what many think and find to be "fun."  But it is only temporary happiness... only through the Savior Jesus Christ and His perfect Gospel. 

I am super excited for Christmas and the Holidays.  At least during this time of the year people are more welcoming and perhaps even some of the less-actives will be willing to have us over. Then we can help them feel loved and welcomed and realize that this gospel is really what they need to come back to and be a part of. So we are going all over to members homes to strengthen them and get them excited about missionary work!  Because it is not all that frightening.  All it takes is the courage to invite someone.  Just an invite.  It could be to come over for dinner, to come to a ward activity, or even to go see a movie with people that share the same standards as you.  So everyone can do it!  EVERYONE!  I love missionary work!  Keep on spreading the good word and enjoying this Christmas season where we get to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

Happy Holidays everyone!! I love you all and I hope everyone is going great! :)


Elder Farley

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