Monday, December 16, 2013

Festival of Lights - Washington D.C. Temple

Dear Mom,

Thanks for the email!  It is good to hear that everything is going great for the most part.  Except for people being sick... Hopefully everyone gets better for Christmas!  Being sick on Christmas is the worst!  
Anyway, things here are going great!  We have been decorating different homes in the ward and I am really starting to like it! So when I am home for Christmas in 2 years I will put up all the lights :)  The ward is also doing a Christmas program next week that all four missionaries are a part of... it's just the choir but we are having a fun time at the practices.  We also have gone to see the Festival of Lights twice this year with our Recent Convert, Robert and a second time with our ward!  The ride up the second time was awesome!  It was all four Elders in the ward and Sister M.  She is an older lady who carries all her stuff with her and can talk A LOT!  She is really nice though and she talked the whole way up!  We got to see the Mormon Choir of DC perform and they did an awesome job! 

It is pretty cool to have the split of the area because we can focus more on the people in our own areas.  We are really trying to focus on the less actives and part member families to strengthen them and bring them closer to the Savior.  The President(of the Mission, not Obama.) is really stressing working with the members.  I LOVE the members here.  I have grown to love this area and I am really happy President Cooke is keeping the missionaries in their areas for longer because it makes working with the ward so much easier when they know you and are comfortable with you.  Elder Gomez and I are having a blast working in the area.  It will be interesting to see if he gets his visa this transfer or if he will stay another.  I guess time will tell.  

Can you believe it is almost Christmas time?  Adam Morrow is home too!  So weird!  I feel like he just gave his farewell.  And Tyler is out for a year already!! Wow!  Time flies by when your having fun!  I really am excited for Christmas out here, even though I will miss you all so much.  But getting to Skype you will make it a very merry Christmas :)  I am so excited to be serving in the greatest mission in the Universe and more importantly, to be serving my Master and my Savior, Jesus the Christ.  It is such a wonderful time of the year that we get to spend focusing even more on our Lord.  I love Christmas.  Not just because of the presents and the lights and all the rest that goes into it... but because I get to share about my very best friend who died for all of us so that we can live again.  

I wish you a merry Christmas and hope during the Holiday seasons we can all be more Christ-like and look for opportunities to share the Gospel and help out those who are in need.  Keep on sharing the "good news" and being a light for the whole world to see! 

Love your boy,

Elder Sean Farley

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