Monday, November 11, 2013

The Work Continues to Move Forward in L.P.

Hey Momma!

It was a happy day for me when I got to hear that Farmington not only beat PV, again, but also is ranked #2 in state! STATE! Woohoo!  Ha ha I am very excited and happy for those guys.  Take it all Scorps! I am also glad to hear Jacob and Danny's family came to Farmington and did so well in their game!  Too bad the politics had to get in the way of all of it.  Oh well... at least they know they are still the best.  :)  

This past week has gone very well!  Chris and Daniel are still working towards their baptism this weekend and are very excited.  It was really awesome this week because Chris has really changed a lot and has received a lot of support from his non-member family as well as his wife's parents who are LDS.  He has explained all these good things that have happened since he has been working towards baptism and he understands and is learning the doctrine very well.  His son Daniel is doing great too!  He loves primary and is really fitting in there.  He might even get into the scouting program here! So Elder Gomez and I are SO happy for them and for the opportunity we have to be part of their lives and the wonderful decision they are making.  

We also met a really cool investigator who is currently dating a member of our ward.  His name is Robert and he is investigating the church and has already accepted to be baptized once he has prayed and asked God if what we are sharing with him is true.  Yesterday was his second time coming to church and he seems to really enjoy it!  He says the feeling that he gets when he walks in is a feeling like being home!  When he said that I really felt the Spirit and knew that the Spirit had touched him when he went!  So we testified of the Spirit and helped him understand that it was letting him know that where he was, was where God needed him to be.  So he is amazing and he seems to be moving forward towards baptism soon :)  Pray for him and the P. family!  

I love sharing the gospel and I am so thankful for those members and even non-members who guide us to the ones they know who are ready to receive the message of the Restored gospel!  It really is amazing... and even better... IT. IS. TRUE.  And I know that.  Although we are hit with doubts throughout our lives may times in may different ways, there is nothing that can be more assuring than the Spirit of God touching our hearts.  I know that we have a Savior.  I know that He loves us and died for us so that we might live again.  I know that this work is His work, and that we can all pitch in together and help spread this GREAT news to the whole world!  It may sound very hard to take such a big step, but it is really just a small one.  Reaching out to friends in need.  Being there for someone and just showing that you care.  Ultimately showing how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed and blessed our lives and being the example we need to be so that others will want to share in these wonderful blessing.  We can ALL do it.  We all share the gospel... We can invite people to be touched by the gospel.  But it all starts with the first step... so do it.  I know the Lord will bless all those who do His will by participating in His work.

I love you all and pray for you always.  :)

Love your boy,

Elder Farley

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