Monday, March 24, 2014

14 Months!

Birthday gift from the Lacey's
Hey Momma!

  Sorry for getting back to you so late, things have been crazy today
with our zone activity!  We had probably one of the best I have ever
had.  We had everyone pitch in 5 dollars in the zone and we had a
member, Brother Tyner, go to Costco and pick up rib-eye steaks for
everyone.  Each person had their own 12-14 ounce steak, baked potato,
serving of corn and green beans.  It was amazing! Brother Tyner
seriously makes the best steaks ever and he went WAY out of his way to
make this such a great zone activity... could never thank him enough.
Everyone loved it and had a great time, there were not any injuries
and most importantly-Not one person lost any of their teeth! haha
  This past week has gone pretty well!  Elder Rushton and I were able
to see a lot of our investigators and help them prepare for Church and
General Conference.  Unfortunately, none of our investigators were
able to make it to church this week. :/  They committed to coming this
week though so we are excited to meet with them, along with a few
other people who we finally have come back in contact with and who are
interested again :D
  Our investigators Will and Kim  have seen a LOT of miracles
lately.  Will was having a really tough time getting a job.  He sent us a text today
and said he finally got a job!!! So sweet!  And he also said he and his wife
have been growing a lot closer from reading the Book of Mormon and they
are doing really well right now.  So that was really great to hear and it made me
really happy!
   This is the last full week of this transfer so it is pretty weird.
I feel like these last two transfers with Elder Rushton have FLOWN by.
I have had such a blast here in Anacostia.  I love the zone and the
area.  Most likely Elder Rushton and I will no longer be companions
for the next one though.
   Besides all that I don't have too much else to say.  I am really
excited for General Conference though!  There is going to be a lot on
Hastening the Work and on how we as members can be united with the
missionaries.  I also know that the messages that will be shared will
help us for the following 6 months until Conference in the fall, so we
need to be ready to listen, learn and apply what we are taught.  I
recommend Elder Hales talk from last Conference called "General
Conference: Strengthening Faith and Testimony."  It speaks about what
we can get out of Conference and how is can bless us in our lives if
we prepare for it correctly!  Everyone should read it-it is super
Anyway, I love you and hope the family is doing great :)  Keep
working hard sharing the Gospel and remember that when we open our
mouths to share it with others, the Holy Ghost will help us know what
to say.  So all we need is the courage to open our mouths!

Much Love
Your son,

Elder Sean B. Farley

P.S. I got Summer and Jonnys package for my birthday! I love the Duck
Copmmander Shirt :'D haha it is awesome.  Tell them thank you!  Also,
I got Rachel's too with the SUPER cool Underarmour shorts in them!
They are from the NFL Combine!  And thank the Lacey family too! They
sent me out a missionary pillow cover and a "Mormon Dude" shirt that
looks like the "Mountain Dew" logo! Haha Thank you everyone!  You made
my 20th birthday awesome! Love you! :) I will have to send some
pictures of the gifts!

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