Monday, March 31, 2014

Transferred from Anacostia

Farley and Rushton
Hey Mom and Dad!

I am glad to hear you all got home safely from the Spring Break
trip!  A little hectic, but it sounded like it went well and everyone
had fun!
This week is transfer week and I will be leaving to be Zone Leader
in another area.  But like I told Brian, it will be a area I know a
little bit... but a lot of new ground to cover.  Next week I will be
able to tell you who it will be with and what area :) since I don't
want any Elder's to see my blog and find out before tomorrow night
when everyone finds out where they are going and with what companion.
I can just say that my companion is LEGIT and I already know him
pretty well.
This past week has FLOWN by.  We got to go visit the J. family
this week and share the Restoration again with them.  It was more of a
review for BJ (Will) but it was very helpful and answered a lot of
their questions.  We watched the full length movie "Joseph Smith:
Prophet of the Restoration" with them but only to watch the first 20
minutes after the Priesthood is restored and the Book of Mormon is
published.  We had a big Q&A session afterward and BJ had a lot of
concerns with the Priesthood but his wife Kim was very helpful and
answered a lot of them.  She really focuses in the lessons and likes
to learn and find out the truth for herself.  The main thing she
wanted to do before getting baptized was to come to church.  So thanks
to the new Senior Couple who arrived two days ago in the ward, we were
able to get them a ride and they stayed for all of church! :) It was
great!  They still have a lot of concerns with Joseph Smith, but I am
VERY glad they ask us more questions instead of just getting antied
without getting the full story.
That is one thing that I LOVE to see on my mission: when people are
searching for truth and even when Satan throws false ideas and
concerns in their paths, they keep seeking to find out if it is true.
They all have opportunities to feel the Spirit, so they just have to
decide whether they will act on that impression from the Holy Ghost,
or if they will deny it.  That is why we are all down here! Good ol'
agency! haha it is frustrating as missionaries sometimes, but then I
remember how dumb I am sometimes and how frustrated God must be with
I am very thankful to The Lord for allowing me to be a part of the
people's lives here in the Anacostia ward/Capitol heights area for
these short 3 months.  I will miss it a lot and miss the people I have
made friendships with.  But I know that my next area will be full of
future opportunities and experiences that will help me become more
like the man God wants me to be.  Thank goodness for this Gospel!  It
allows all of us to find peace through the Atonement, even when we are
constantly messing up each day.  I am grateful for the opportunity The
Lord gives us to get better and to try again.  This church is truly
the Church of Christ.  I KNOW that.  And I will never deny that, no
matter what. I hope to ever be a witness of The Lord and his Gospel
until I leave this mortal life. It is the most important thing we can
do.  We have the truth... now all we have to do is SHARE IT!
I love you so much and am very happy that our family is blessed to
be so engaged in missionary work at this time.  Keep working hard, and
ENJOY it! :)

Elder Sean B. Farley
Farley, Humphrey, Chapman, Rushton

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