Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elder Farley's 20th Birthday!

Sean's 20th Birthday -TODAY!!
Hi Momma!

Wow! What a great day! today is our P-day... even though it is Tuesday, because we had a snow day yesterday and were not able to go shop or do anything else really.  Luckily in the evening we were notified that we were able to go out and to see people if we had appointments set up with them. 
I woke up and I feel a year older already! But not really... haha I was telling Dad in my email that I feel like I just had my 18th Birthday.  That might only be since I spent these last two in the field.  This year has been an awesome birthday though, so far. Brother Weitzner made us Beef Stroganoff, Corn Beef and Cabbage, and he gave me some awesome presents! He also took Elder Rushton and I out to Red Lobster last Friday! He is the best! 
Two nights ago, on Sunday, we went to the "Why I Believe" at the WDC Temple's Visitor Center.  There we got to hear from a couple who had recently returned from their Mission in South Africa.  They were the mission President(and wife) there for 4 1/2 years! Usually it is just 3 years, so that was really interesting.  I guess he must have been pretty good! haha We brought our investigator Melody with us and a member of the ward, Brother Harrison, took us there.  It was starting to snow a little bit on the way up, but really didn't start coming down until later that night!  I was also able to see the King family, as you saw on FB!  They gave me a cake, a present, and we got to take a few pictures! They are awesome :) I was very glad to be able to see them and catch up with them! 

ZL's - Elder Rushton & Elder Farley

As for the work: we have been able to see some pretty sweet miracles with the people we have been working with.  The Ned family, was able to meet with us and her oldest just got out of the hospital!  He was in there for a while and we are really happy to see him out again.  She read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet with her kids so that when we stop by she will be ready with questions and also to hear the lesson and we review with her.  Another awesome miracle was that we got to meet with William again and this time his wife sat in on the lesson!  She was not very excited about last time we came and didn't really believe in the whole story with Joseph Smith and the First Vision.  This time she explained she had read the Book of Mormon one day when her Husband left it by her bedside.  She had a lot of awesome questions for us and we were able to answer all of Kim's and William's that day (Saturday).  They are great because when they hear something about the church or when they see something online they research it, ask us later, and then pray about it.  She talked about how she can just feel/sense when things are right or wrong.  So overall it was a GREAT lesson and we are really excited for the whole family!
It is crazy to me how fast these last two transfers with Elder Rushton have gone.  We are having a great time together and have been able to work very well together as we go out and preach the gospel.  
Good job on sharing the gospel mom!  Just keep looking for opportunities and I know Heavenly Father will lead you to the people you and help.  I love how engaged our family is now in missionary work!  It is so great!  I hope everyone and their families can start getting more and more excited about spreading the good news of the great gospel! Keep up the creative thinking on ward activities and getting people out to meet more members.  That is truly how people are affected the most I believe –– by meeting the members of the ward and interacting with them.
I am happy to hear everything is going well back at home.  I am especially excited to see Brian's papers going in so soon!  I hope all that gets worked out and can get in so we can know where he will be serving the Lord!  
Love you and miss you!

Love your boy, 

Elder Sean B. Farley

P.S. Thank you Mom, Dad, Brian for your gifts and also Grandma and Grandpa for your gifts as well!  Love you all so much! It is an awesome birthday! That's for sure :D 

P.S.S. Do you talk to McKala still now and then? Tell her I say thank you too for her gift! It was very sweet :)

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