Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elder Rushton, Elder Farley and Bro. Weitzner
Dear Mom,

This week went great, besides the snow days we had back-to-back.  That was a bummer since we had a few lessons planned that had to be canceled.  Hopefully we can still get a chance to meet with the people we had originally planned to see.  Unfortunately we were not able to meet with a ton of our investigators this week, but we were able to meet with Melody and with Cathey (who we haven't seen in a while).  So that was good!  We have been really frustrated/sad since Melody cannot get Sundays off to come to church.  We are going through the main lessons in Preach My Gospel again with her.  She wants to get baptized but we were not sure how much she was willing to sacrifice for Baptism.  So we had a lesson on church attendance and sort of "dropped cain" as we told her that she needed to get Sundays off or she should quit her job.  She said she would try harder to talk to her boss and pray and think about quitting her job.  She is very shy so we hope she can find some courage to ask her boss boldly for at LEAST every other Sunday off work to come to church.  I will keep you updated on her.
As for Cathey, she seems to be lacking motivation to come to church and she really isn't a big reader at all.  Thank goodness for the audio feature on the Gospel Library's app for the scriptures.  She is going to listen to the scriptures and pray about the Book of Mormon.  She also is going to try to come to church this week, although she did not seem too firm in her commitment.  
We also had Zone Training this week, where the whole Zone gets together and President, Sister Cooke and the AP's come to do interviews.  It all went well and Elder Rushton and I were able to give a training on Attitude.  We had a fun time doing it, and we really feel like the zone listened well and are excited to be cheerful and ecstatic about the work.  So we are really stoked for the rest of the transfer and the ones to follow!  Brother Weitzner even stopped by afterward to bring us Costco pizza!  What a great guy!! 
Today, for preparation day, we went into the city to meet Brother Weitzner and the Lexington Park Elders to go to the Spy Museum.  Brother Weitzner paid for all of us and also treated us to an amazing lunch at this really good Italian restaurant!  It was an AWESOME day!  And the Spy Museum had such a cool exhibit which included a whole section that was dedicated to the James Bond films.  Seriously one of the coolest museums here for sure!  So a big thanks goes out to Bro. Weitzner!! 
I am very happy to hear all is well back at home. I am really so stoked that the ward is picking up on the Hastening the Work of Salvation!  It is also so great to know of all the missionaries that are out or that are coming out into the field so soon.  I CANNOT wait to hear where Brian goes! 
As always, I miss you and love you!  Keep working hard to share the "good news" of Christ and the Restored Gospel.  You are the best!

Much Love,
Elder Sean B. Farley

St. Patty's Day? Anyone?

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