Monday, June 2, 2014

10th Key'ndom!

Hey Mom!

Glad to hear the trip was a success and that you, Dad and Brian are
safe.  Brian sent me some pictures and the whole trip looked awesome!
I talked to Brother Weitzner and he said that the game you went to had
a bench clearing brawl or something close.  Haha I thought that was

It sounds and looks like Kirtland was legit!  One day we are going to
SNAG that temple!

You went to the Salem Witch Woods?! Jone! Did you see any witches?
Haha that trip sounds like it was all around awesome!  As for sending
the pictures... I would say it is safe to send it to my apartment
until about the week or two before transfers(which is on the 25th of
this month). Just to be safe in case I get transferred.  Oh and thanks
for sending the emails from all my buddies!  I think that works better
than paper letters of their emails.  Danny and Mitch seems to be doing
good! I also try to keep in touch with my buddies from BYU Idaho. I
haven't heard for Ty in a few weeks but I will try to get ahold of him
this week :)  I really miss all those guys and it will be awesome to
see them again after their missions.  I know they will be the same but
different.  They will be better men.

Sounds like Brian and the guys have a fun trip planned!  Brian better
be safe, and not do anything dumb!  Now I feel like how you felt when
I wanted to go to Provo with Daniel when we were Juniors.  Haha that
might be a good idea to drive them home.  Be safe :)

The Zone is doing great!  We got almost 450 10th keys!!! So everyone
has been asking for a TON of referrals.  Our goal is to ask for(and
hopefully receive) a total number of 500 this week.  So Elder
Cervantes and I are committed to double what we got this week!  I am
learning little phrases and things in Spanish so I can talk to people
and then Elder Cervantes will take over.  No longer do I need to worry
about tracting into people who say, "No hablo engles" because
Cervantes is with me all the time!! Haha loop hole!

Haha you make me laugh mom :)... To answer you questions: So as a Zone
Leader we usually have district meetings every week.  Their are 4
districts so we have one on Tuesday, two on Wednesday and one on
Thursday.  The only time we don't have them is when we have a bigger
meeting like Zone Conference, Mission Conference or a Zone Training.
We will also go on exchanges with all the district leaders and with
other members of the zone we feel impressed to go on exchanges with.
This week we have one exchange, Zone Training meeting and Stake
Coordination.  Then next p-day we have a big Zone Activity!!! So we
are going to be super busy this week.  We have two companionships of
English sisters, one companionship of Spanish speakers, and one that
is ASL.  They are all doing great as far as I know haha.  We don't do
exchanges obviously with them, so we only see them at meetings.
Luckily their are four Visitor Center Sister Trainers... (a.k.a. VC
Queens) who train all the sisters, so we don't have to worry too much
about them.  But as for my roommates— they are the BEST!!  They try to
pull little pranks on us, so we dish it back now and then ;) nothing
crazy, just fun stuff to keep us on our toes.  Elder Cervantes had an
awesome birthday.  I took him out to IHOP with my other gift card and
I got them to bring him ice cream and sing happy birthday. We also got
a GIANT carrot cake yesterday from some members and that is elder
Cervantes' favorite type of cake.

The work is going good in our area here in college park! We have made
a lot of contact with less actives and are talking to a TON of people!

Today we have been hanging out with the ASL elders, Wood and Parker.
We are at their members home doing service, went thrift shopping, and
now we are grilling for dinner!! A good chance to grow closer to the
elders and also their members.

I just want you and everyone back home to know that I know that this
work is the truth!! I hope one day that all my friends and family will
humble themselves and search for the true gospel of Jesus Christ...
Because they will find it, and it will be this gospel.  I love serving
The Lord as one of His missionaries.  It doesn't get much better than
this— teaching people about Christ and how, through Him, they can all
return as a family with God forever.  The gospel is so simple... Don't
let people complicate it.  The world(satan) wants it to seem
confusing... But in all reality it is simple, sweet and true... All of
it.  I love you and miss you. Keep up the missionary work and keep
reading PMG and the scriptures together as a family and on your own.
I know that will strengthen you and anyone who wants a strong
foundation set upon Jesus Christ.

Love your son,

Elder Sean B. Farley

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