Monday, June 30, 2014

"High Speed, Flat Belly, Low Drag"...We are MOVING here!!

Remember when...?  Farley/Loveless:Exchanges 6/29/2013
Hey Mom!

Wow, what a week... I feel like I have said that a lot throughout my mission but DAAAANG!  This week was crazy awesome.  We had(still have) so much to do!! So I am sorry if this email is not extra long!

A lot of amazing things are happening!  We just recently cut a TON of miles from every missionary in the mission and we are starting this big "mass-transit" initiative.  President Cooke feels that the best way for us to be talking to EVERYONE (like Elder Ballard challenged us to do) is to get out of our cars and get on buses, the metro, and our bikes to speak with everyone we encounter.  So miles have been cut up to 40% for most areas!  It is so crazy and awesome, I love it!  Too bad I won't get to REALLY be a major part of it until after I am released, but I am sure the exchanges with other missionaries will make up for all of that.  

The work is going great!  We are all over the place everyday... Like President Cooke often likes to say, "High Speed, Flat Belly, Low Drag!"  We are MOVING here!  I love the things I am learning from President and Sister Cooke.  They are great examples to me.  I also am learning a ton from Elder Loveless!  He is the man... I have wanted to be comps with him since last year when I first met him.  Dream come true. 

This week is finishing up some beginning of the transfer work and then out and about doing exchanges and hitting up meetings with President Cooke and the missionaries in all the Zones.  It is a lot of work, and it is a lot different than what I am used to, but I am enjoying it!  We listen to a lot of Classical music... President Cooke listens to it a lot.   I already feel smarter and classier ;)  Seriously though... I should have listened to this stuff all throughout High School!  Then maybe I could have got into BYU- PROVO :'D hahaha 

Sounds like everything is going well back at home.  That is really cool about the Paddle Boards!  I will have to go out with you when I am back so I can get yolked shoulders like Laird Hamilton.  AND I seriously cannot believe that Brian is leaving SO soon!  Sorry Mom, I don't want you to be sad, it is just awesome that he is going on a mission.  He is going to be such a STUD!  I cannot wait to hear about all the hermanos and hermanas that he will help bring to the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Isn't missionary work the best?? You get to be on the Lord's team, sharing His gospel with His authority to bring people into His fold!  I seriously cannot say it enough:  The Church is true, the work is the bees-knees, and we can all be a part of it!  All we have to do is try.. just open our mouths and be kind, inviting people to come closer to Christ.  This week Elder Loveless and I have met may wonderful people by just starting up normal conversations with them and getting to know them a little bit.  I am not saying that any of them got baptized that day ha-ha but they did show interest in visiting the Temple and have unknowingly stepped closer to the Savior.  Keep on being great Momma and encourage others to do so too!  I love you and miss you! 
Brian thinks this picture of Sean's food belongs in a cooking magazine!

Lots of Love,


P.S.  Today we are only allowed to email, then we have a full P-day on the 4th!! WOOHOOO!

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