Monday, June 23, 2014

Best Zone Activity EVER! And a Big Change.

Hey Mom!!

Wow!  What a crazy week it has been... The best zone activity in the history of life, having a super annoying cold, working with the Assistants, and picking up a new Elder for the ASL program!  I am really having such a fun time out here... Especially being with Elder Cervantes! He is the man.  The only downside of the week has been having this stupid cold and packing to leave the area!  I hate packing!  Every transfer I get more stuff and end up having to become more and more strategic in the way I pack my things! Luckily I have it all done so today I can relax before the big change!

Sounds like things at home are going good!  It is crazy to think Brian will be gone in a month! WHAAAAAAT!  He is going to be an awesome missionary!! Too bad Elder Cervantes will not be home quite yet or else he could sneak in to the MTC in Mexico and bring him some tacos!  (Also... Are sopapillas only a New Mexican thing?? That's what Elder Cervantes said... my life is a lie!! Haha jk)  Anyway, tell all the Parsons I say hi!  I miss them all a lot! And give Aunt Sharon a BIG HUG for me :) <3  oh... And I realized I didn't answer those questions for Brian's mission, so if you still have questions can you resend them to me via email and I will reply to them if I still have time :) thanks!

This p-day has been pretty chill:  we worked out, hit up 4 different thrift shops, and now we are headed home to eat and I am going to take a long nap to try to shake this cold.  I think I am on the upswing but I don't want to relapse.  

This past weekend we had a great time with one of my favorite families... The "A" family.  They are from Ethiopia and they always feed us a TON of food!!  Seriously I think I had a serving size that couple have fed 3 NFL linemen!  But it is good because they love feeding the elders and always talk about how they feel the spirit so strong when we come.  Brother A is a member and so are his three sons.  His wife and sister-in-law come to church every week but are not members.  They are the ones we are beginning to teach and hopefully they will get baptized soon!  We are also teaching this 16 year old girl who's father is a less active member.  He is pretty against the church but he is totally willing for us to come and teach his daughter. She has been to mutual before a few times and knows a couple people on the ward... So hopefully we can continue to meet with her and help her work towards baptism.

I am just so happy to be out here serving The Lord for these two years.  I seriously couldn't ask for anything better than this.  Sure there are ups and downs... I wouldn't expect it any other way, but it is the overall experience that makes all the work worth it.  I can almost hear the Savior as he spoke to us before we came down to this mortal life... It won't be easy... But it will be worth it!  I know that as we do our best each day to do the simple things God asks us to do, we will become great instruments in His hands.  We can do it by waking up each day with a enthusiastic look on the future... Starting our day off with an early morning prayer and scripture study.  Then throughout the day be ever alert for opportunities to share what you believe or invite someone to church, dinner or even just to hangout!  As we are more aware of our brothers and sisters around us we will be more willing and excited to share the gospel with others!  Yes, it is a little intimidating, but God has promised us that when we obtain His word then we can go and preach.  So remember to study Preach My Gospel and the Scriptures everyday!  I am so thankful for you Mom and your willingness to serve as a ward missionary side by side with Dad.  Keep on looking for opportunities and I know you will find them.  I love you and our family so much!  It is such a blessing to have the gospel in our lives.  Keep up the great work!!

Oh... I almost forgot: (Transfers) So tonight, I will be with the APs in a trio until transfers on Wednesday.  It is pretty crazy to think I will be the new Assistant with Elder Loveless!  I am super stoked to be his companion and to work with President Cooke so closely.  The Cooke family is the best.  This week is going to be so intense!... Wish me luck :)     

Hugs and Kisses from your boy, 

Elder Sean B. Farley

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