Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy Week in the Zone!

Hey Mom!

Glad to hear that you and the boys got back home safetly.  Sounds like the trip was good and everyone had a fun time :)

Things here in the mission are going great!  Last night we went to the Night of Music and inspiration.  It was really good and I was able to see a lot of my old companions, roommates, and other friends/missionaries.  I also got to see and talk to Brother Weitzner and the King family.  So it was a good night and I was happy to see so many friends who I love.

Elder Cervantes and I had a really busy week with Zone Training meeting and Stake Coordination.  For Zone Training we focused on what Elder Ballard talked to us about, which was talking to everyone!  So we had Elder Welch give a training on that topic and for part of his training we had groups split up and learn how to simply contact a person in ASL, French and Spanish!  It was awesome! After the training we did a role play where we had random props and we would have to do the following: (1) Relate a principle of the gospel with the "stranger's" random item (2) Get a return appointment (3) and to ask for a referral.  It was SUPER funny!! One of the lines I heard was, "We want to share this great message with you... Because you shared this great peanut butter with us!"  Oh! This one was good too: "Just like how you are cleaning that machine with your brush, the gospel of Jesus Christ can brush away your sins and make you clean!"  Haha Silver Spring zone is awesome :)  we also had interviews with President and Sister Cooke!  They are the best!! Every time I get a chance to speak with them I always feel so loved and appreciated.  I cannot wait for you to meet them next year.  :D

Yesterday, besides the Night of Music, we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get Stake Coordination all finished and ready.  The major problem was that some of the missionaries either didn't report their numbers all correctly or we couldn't read their handwriting :'D ha-ha... The struggle is real.  And then we had to print up the completed sheet, but we couldn't get the printer to print it in color!! So we had to quickly find a place or person that could do it! Luckily our awesome Ward Mission Leader, Brother Turner, had us send it to him via email and he make copies for us in color.  The meeting went well and I feel that President Cooke along with our mission and the 4 stakes in our mission are really starting to come together!  Some more than others, but eventually I think that the member missionary work is going to explode!!!

Today has been a super awesome p-day already.  We went shopping at the Prince George mall and the went to the University of Maryland's institute (LDS) building and are currently having a missionary party :) We got Little Caesars pizza, we are playing Settlers of Catan, Ping Pong, Billiards, and listening to an old record player! 

I am really excited for this upcoming week.  We have a TON of referrals and new potential investigators who we are hoping to start teaching!  We also are having an additional temple trip for Temple Ordinances! So if you know of some people I can do Baptisms and Confirmations for, could you send them out to me Mom?  Or maybe you can send me the names and I can search them on  So then we will have two Temple days in two weeks, and following that will be transfers!  Crazy how fast this last three weeks has gone! 

I enjoy being out here a ton!  Of course I miss you and the family, but thankfully Heavenly Father has kept me busy and focused on the work so I have never been home sick! I just love being able to actually have the calling as a representative of Christ and His church.  As I study the Gospel and share it with others I have truly gained love for them.  Even in my zone... I feel love for each person and I want to help them in anyway I can.  I know that this message we share as missionaries and members is true... Look for every opportunity to share it with others.  I know that anyone who has a desire to be a missionary and asks Heavenly Father to help them will find many, many chances to share their beliefs with others.  :)

I love you and miss you! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

Love your boy,

Elder Sean B. Farley

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